What makes good paint?

Well, that’s a relative question, and in our case, that relative is our Father.


All organizations, whether they know it or not, have a unique personality unto themselves. For us, this personality originated with (our father) David J. O’Leary.  David J., at 85 years old, looks at life through rose-colored glasses, the same ones he used when he was 25 years old. His unusual combination of quick wit, confidence, and sense of fair play, is what makes the foundation from which this company was built. Over the years, with passion, and with partnerships, our company has continued to grow and years later, these qualities have proven to embody a company designed to last.


To date, these attributes are still alive and well. They have been instilled in the next generation, John and David O’Leary and remain at the heart of David J’s sons, and the business itself.


What’s the opposite of a multi-national conglomerate?

We are.


We are a company that continues to conduct our business on a two-way street. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that no deal, partnership, or transaction is one-sided. It is this mindset that motivated us to “go-green”, to install skylights in our factory to function as auxiliary lights by day, and purchase “green” energy from the public utility to power the plant; To use trays rather than the conventional boxes to ship products and thereby cut our cardboard usage in half.


These decisions are born from the desire to find win-win opportunities in all that we do. Whether it’s the quality we put into the can, or the outdated ideas we throw out, we aim to capture the win-win opportunities present in each situation.


Does being a family owned business ensure quality?

No, but it certainly helps.


To ensure quality we constantly engage in independent outside-lab analysis and benchmarking studies and we are proud to share that we have ranked top in the industry on multiple surveys.

In many ways, a chemists paint formula can be compared to a chef’s recipe.

Our recipe: quality ingredients, creativity, passion for excellence, testing and review.

Our method: flexibility and strong relationships.

You may notice massive volume was never mentioned as a necessary ingredient.  High value is different from being the low cost producer because it brings quality and price as balancing characteristics into the equation.  When a business is built on relationships and repeat business, as ours is, this balancing act plays an important role.


WISEPAINT should be an option when you are looking for a partner to help build your business and when relationships with your customers are at the heart of your future growth.  So if you’re so old fashioned that you still believe people matter and people can make a difference, then we encourage you to make a WISE decision in your paint partners.

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